CENTERVILLE is historical fiction based largely, but not entirely, on real places, characters and events. It features a powerful love story. There is a time-travel to the mid-1800s and then to the year 2000. Considerable information from the 1800s is included on German culture, immigration stories, religious practices, political thought, clearing of forests, farming, early building construction, and various challenges and tragedies of the time. The book is both informative and entertaining.

Jackson's Kenya

JACKSON'S KENYA is, in a sense, three stories of growth: one of a young Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya in the early 1970s, one of a young Kenyan who helped to enrich that experience, and one that took place in a nation in its first decade of independence. This non-fiction book is informative and honest, covering both the positive and negative aspects of the experience, the processes of discovery and accomplishment, and the reflections afterward. The reader will surely gain a better appreciation of the Peace Corps, Kenya and its people.

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Silos in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

This eight-page monograph on silos was a collaborative effort with the late Walter Vogl of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. While many publications focus on barns, Richard and Walter decided to photograph the different types of vertical silos that still existed in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin in 1989. Many of these silos no longer exist. Examples included silos made of wood, brick, clay blocks, metal, poured concrete, concrete staves, and glass-lined, sealed units. There were a few double-walled silos to prevent freezing of the silage. Some of those were even heated. An occasional silo was built inside of the barn for the same reason. Not all silos were round. A few were square, hexagonal, or octagonal in shape. Sometimes two adjacent silos would share a top unloader. Sealed silos were unloaded from the bottom. The silo monograph was a best-seller for the Manitowoc County Historical Society for many years.

This publication no longer in print. It is available for free download from the UW-Madison Digital Library at this link.

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